Are you worry because 

* Want to buy sim or wifi but too much information and don’t know where to trust

* Services at Japanese shops always have contracts, cancellation fees and difficult to understand Japanese?

* Or your Visa is too short

Don’t worry, choosing WIFI – SIM service of GRASS Mobile is the right choice for you. We can assure you that because we can give you peace of mind With these 3 things

* Having a team of enthusiastic, professional and detailed consultants with many languages: Vietnamese, English, Japanese, Nepali, Filipino and Indonesian…

* Most of the services we provide are contract-free, no cancellation fees, and do not require long-term visas or bank or credit cards

What’s more, we can commit to helping you

* SAVE MONEY with reasonable prices – always have many preferential policies, monthly discounts

* Peace of mind with the policy to support return and exchange as soon as you have a problem

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Đăng ký tư vấn


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