Nowadays, to buy a new phone costs quite a lot of money and a lot of us can’t afford to pay a large sum of money to get the phone we want. Understanding your concerns, GRASS Mobile specializes in distributing phones, tablets, Airpod headsets, Macbooks, laptops, etc. with competitive prices, guaranteed quality and authenticity. Lifetime after-sales book included.


What makes GRASS Mobile different:

Quality products and services.

Meet the satisfaction of customers with a team of young, dynamic and enthusiastic staff.

Commitment to return if the product does not meet the original requirements between Grass Mobile and customers.

Warranty according to the company’s policy for each different product.

Free gifts and long-term incentives for customers who have experienced the company’s services.

The brand’s reputation has been confirmed with tens of thousands of products sold in the past 5 years in Japan and trusted by many international students, trainees, and partners when they need to buy products. technology products. Therefore, GRASS Mobile hopes that you can find yourself a suitable product to meet the needs and spending of customers.

We offer the following product lines:

* iPhone- iPad- Apple Watch – Airpods

* Android: Samsung, OPPO, XIAM Contact us via 

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