GRASS Mobile is the official distributor of many Hikari carries: Softbank, Au, Giga, Biglobe, Nuro

Our Hikari is an ultra-high-speed home Internet connection service that uses optical lines. It’s suitable for customers who need high-speed and large-capacity

If you are looking for a stable internet connection to study online or watch movies, play online games….

Or  you live at home with many people or regularly use your computer or phone to download or upload data

It’s home internet connection of GRASS Mobile is a perfect choice for you

Here are some information of GRASS Hikari home internet connection:

ü  Super high speed of up to 1Gbps
ü  Capacity: unlimited and can connect 8-10 devices at the same time
ü  There are manys packages


Especially you will receive:

·       Free Wifi support while waiting for an installation
·       Big OFFER up to 24000 yen discount
·       Monthly fee is cheaper than normal from 2800yen
·       Give away free router  with 8sen worth
·       Simple registration Procedure


Contact us to register Softbank home internet 


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