Au is e second-largest wireless carrier in Japan. Au was originally set up as two networks: DDI and IDO since  1988 in the Kanto and Tokai regions. In 2001, the company was merged into KDDI, but its brand name was retained and applied to all mobile phone service under KDDI group.Using a large network operator will give you the benefits of a stable network connection, with many branches across the country for you to contact if you need to use carrier services. In addition, the number of users sharing the Au network will also be more, which helps you receive promotionsFeatures of Au in Japan1- Cellular overage , transmission qualityIn terms of the coverage, Au is among the 3 carriers having the widest coverage in Japan, with the second and third highest transmission quality in the country.2- Distributing phonesAu carrier is one of the Apple distributors in Japan. Au always updates the latest iPhone models at new times. In addition, Au carrier  also has  its own mobile  with special designs such as waterproof.3- Diverse languages supportWhat’s attractive about Au is supporting  up to 12 languages, including Vietnamese. Live and online support in all regions of Japan4- RateAu supports rates by age group, promotions and discounts for students, seniors, or other forms of domestic and foreign calls.Please contact us if you want to New Register -Upgrade-Switching to Au via the following link

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